• Editor-in-Chief; Overseeing all of the Sword & Shield activities are Beatrice Naujalyte and Garrett Kennedy.
  • Sports Editor – Kari Larsen and Rahima Osman will manage all sports articles.
  • Copy Editor – Shruti Sathish will look over layout and edits final print drafts.
  • Student Life Editor – We are hoping Amisha Talati and Deney Li will have a good grasp on what is happening at Memorial High School!
  • News Editor – Leah Vredenbregt will be managing all current news articles.
  • Opinion Editor – Maggie di Sanza will be seeking out opinion articles for the newspaper this year.
  • Arts & Entertainment Editor – In charge of Artist-of-the-Month, Horoscopes (but not writing them), games, shows, drama, etc. will be Jassi Chahal and Claire Reid.
  • Operations Manager – Davis Hardy.
  • Layout Editor – Lily Lowndes.

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