Why You Should Watch The Last Airbender (Live Action)

Why You Should Watch The Last Airbender (Live Action)

By Amy Yao and Sophia Jiang

This is a satire article

Are you interested in watching Avatar the Last Airbender, but haven’t had the time to watch a perfectly spaced out four season show? Are you interested in spending an hour and forty four minutes of your life seeing incredible whitewashing of casts, mispronunciations of names, spectacular acting, and not-so-subtle greenscreens? The live action movie, The Last Airbender, was so well executed that even the original creators decided to quit the team since they thought it was just too darn good. Here are some reasons why you should check it out!

  1. Are you tired of seeing diverse casts? Don’t you love unnecessarily whitewashed adaptations? If so, you would be so delighted to find out that The Last Airbender does just that! Avatar the Last Airbender is one of the only American children TV shows that predominantly displays Asian characters, culture, and themes. Katara and Sokka, siblings who come from an Inuit-based Southern Water Tribe, were originally people of color. However, in the movie, our beloved sibling duo is white – a perfect fit, since we just can’t get enough of white people in the media. 
  2. In the original show, the name pronunciations pertain to Asian culture. However, in the live action, Aang is pronounced like Ong (rhymes with Oolong Tea) and Sokka is pronounced Soaka. 
  3. If you’re not interested in watching the original show, this movie is perfect for you! Not only does it miss so many important details, they don’t even bother to finish the plot! 
  4. If you’re tired of seeing beautifully animated action scenes, don’t worry! The CGI of this movie is so god awfully terrible that you can experience some low quality, sluggishly executed graphics. 🙂 
  5. If you truly did not enjoy the well-developed characters in the original tv show and you simply despise laughing, do not worry, because “Soakka and “Ong” lose any sense of humor they had in the beginning! 

The Last Airbender is undoubtedly a priceless piece of art; it is the epitome of refinement. In fact, it may be even better than the original, flawlessly animated, fan-embraced TV show that won countless awards. 

This is a satire article

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