Mulan Review

The new live action movie, Mulan, is now available on Disney plus for streaming. While this movie shares many common features to the original animation, it features a new concept story along with new characters. This movie emphasizes the theme of being different and striving for acceptance. From the very start, Hua Mulan, played by Liu Yifei, knew that she was different and was able to do things that most women couldn’t do. In order to bring honor to her family, she tries to fulfill the responsibility of a woman and daughter rather than exploring her own identity. Xiang Lan, a new character played by Gong Li, is a witch who has been an outcast her whole life and searches for her purpose and a sense of belonging. When the imperial army requires one man from each family to fight for the country against Northern invaders, Mulan chooses to fight for her family and continues to hide her true identity. Xiang Lan helps the Northern invaders seek out revenge in hopes to prove that she deserves acceptance. These two characters share the same problem, but react in different ways. Through the amazing actors, costumes, visuals, music, and action scenes, the new story of Mulan is portrayed. If you enjoy live action scenes with stunning visuals and a story with powerful meaning, I recommend that you watch Mulan.

By: Emmie Digon

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