Top 10 News Events From Summer 2020

  1. U.S. with the highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths globally with more than 5.5 million cases and 170+ deaths. Factors like the end of the lock-down and not maintaining social distancing nor wearing a mask in public greatly influenced the increasing rates at the start of the summer.
  2. The death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Protests. Four Minneapolis police officers were charged for the killing of George Floyd after they held him to the ground by the neck to the point where he wasn’t able to breathe. This led to a series of protests throughout the U.S. against police brutality.
  3. Joe Biden chooses Senator Kamala Harris for vice president On August 11th, Harris is the first Asian-American and the first African- American to run for vice president by a major party. 
  4. U.S. enters phase 3 for the Covid-19 vaccine The country is aiming to have 30,000 volunteers participate. In addition, the FDA has approved of hospitals using convalescent plasma to treat patients with the virus.
  5. Ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut, Lebanon The explosion caused at least 6,000 injuries and 181 deaths. It was so large that parts of Syria, Israel, Turkey and even Europe could feel it. In fact, according to the United States Geological Survey, the explosion was perceived as having a magnitude 3.3. 
  6. TikTok ban controversy President Trump decides to ban TikTok in the U.S. due to the belief that TikTok is interfering with the country’s national security. TikTok in response to the ban sues the Trump Administration on August 24. 
  7. Wildfires in California Thousands of people evacuated in the middle of the pandemic, and at least 1 million acres of land were burned. A huge portion of the fires resulted from lightning strikes, 585 fires in just one week to be exact. 
  8. Universities and colleges throughout the U.S. decide to go test-optional In response to the limited opportunities for students to take standardized tests, and with the cancellations of tests like the ACT and SAT during the summer, ACT and the College Board have provided additional testing dates starting in August for SAT and September for ACT to provide more opportunities and accommodate social distancing, but as deadlines for college applications get nearer, it is still very stressful for graduating students of 2021.
  9. Major flooding in China The flooding occurred with 433 rivers having extremely high water levels and have since affected 55 million people. It has been almost 20 years since the country has been experiencing this type of flooding. 
  10. Unemployment benefits decreased from $600 weekly to $400 At the beginning of August, there were heated arguments between both parties about the benefits. Democrats wanted to extend the $600 benefits past July to January, but Republicans wanted to reduce it to $200 until October and then have a 70% wage replacement payment. This decrease in weekly benefits is resulting in a high risk for increased eviction rates throughout the country.

By Saivarshini Rishi

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