COVID-19 Stats and Facts Update 5/31/2020

Cases across world: 6,258,767


Cases in US: 1,836,791

Deaths in US: 106,176


Cases in Dane County: 733

Deaths in Dane County: 29


Live updates/data found on worldometer

Graph of Dane County Cases: Dane County Dashboard

Click here for the Dane County Dashboard


My projected model for coronavirus cases:

y=8.944x^4 – .013x^3 + .522x^2 + 3.897x – 10.155

Where y is number of cumulative cases and x is number of days past 3/9/20 (first data point on the graph)

Case growth rate: About 28 cases/day as of 5/31/2020

* Disclaimer: I am not a professional statistician so this model may be inaccurate


Find WI data and updates here.


Stay healthy and safe Spartans!


By Jessica Jiang

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