Extra Hobbies to Pick Up over Quarantine

The quarantine has freed up a lot of time for many students. So if you ever wonder “what can I do in my spare time?” or if you find yourself bored, then see this list of new hobbies you can pick up over the next couple of months!


  • Learn how to draw! Drawing can be a great way to relax and create art. You can spend quite a bit of time on it, too, which all pays off when you finally see your finished work! Go out and buy a sketchpad and some drawing pencils if you would like, but drawing can be done on pretty much any sheet of paper lying around with any pencil. There are also plenty of amazing tutorials online for beginners, intermediates, and advanced artists. Try your hand at it!
  • Discover new recipes. Because of the amount of free time that quarantine allows, you can start exploring new foods and recipes! Search for dishes that you have never tried before, or bake something that would normally take too long with normal school scheduling. If you aren’t an experienced cook or baker, then take this time to learn how to make a few simple dishes or pastries!
  • Find some good books to read. Most high schoolers do not have enough time to read in their own free time. Take advantage of this opportunity to pick up a few books (public libraries will hopefully open soon) and immerse yourself in a completely different world! 
  • Plant a garden. Spring is rapidly growing into flowers and warmer weather. What better way to spend time outside during quarantine than in a pretty garden? Pick up some flowers, veggies, fruits, whatever you would like, and start a garden of your own! Indoor plants can also be a great way to lighten up your home if you do not have space for a garden.


Start yoga. Yoga is a great way to relax, and you don’t need to have too much space for it! Look up some meditation or yoga videos online to follow. Try to do a bit everyday to maximize the benefits and keep calm during the rest of the school year.


By Jessica Jiang

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