JMM & MMSD New Policies

Now that JMM and MMSD have resorted to virtual/online learning, there are new policies. Keep in mind that these policies can still be changed, but the majority of it should remain the same.



Teachers will take attendance every Friday before 4:00pm based on the completion of assignments. They will provide assignments for Monday through Thursday and students should complete it by Friday. Teachers could also take attendance if a student and their families communicate with the teacher explaining why the student couldn’t complete the assignments or if they were in a difficult situation. Therefore, students need to check in with their teachers, or finish all of their assignments before 3:00pm every Friday.


Grading system:

MMSD has decided to follow a pass/ fail grading system. In addition to that, students’ cumulative GPA from the first semester will be frozen and the cumulative GPA and overall grade of the second semester is determined one of two ways. The overall grade of the second semester could be the student’s letter grade from March 13 (Last day of in-school learning), or it could be the student’s letter grade at the end of the second semester.The grade that is higher is most likely to be your grade for the second semester. In other words, students can only improve their grades, they can’t receive a lower grade than what they have accomplished before online learning.


By Emmie Digon

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