What To Do During Quarantine

Because most of us are stuck at home during these unprecedented times, it can be hard to find ways to stay entertained. Here’s a couple of ideas on ways that you can stay busy!



  • Take a walk – It’s always good to get some fresh air! If you’ve been cooped up inside all day, take a walk (or jog) outside. Make sure to maintain social distancing while doing this. 
  • Bake or cook something – There’s so many cool recipes online or on Youtube that would be fun to try out. 
  • Read a book – If you love books or are bored enough to try one, then check out an ebook from our school or your local library! If you don’t know what book to read, check out past issues of the sword and shield for some recommendations. 
  • Facetime your friends – Even though you shouldn’t meet up with your friends in person right now, it’s still good to stay connected with them. 
  • Study for AP tests – This definitely isn’t fun, but AP tests are coming up and even though it’s an easy decision to slack off on studying for them, your hard work will pay off. 


Forensics Update

By Julianna Baldo 

Before all Wisconsin schools were closed March 16th due to COVID-19, the Memorial forensics team was set to finish the 2019-2020 season strong and possibly take home our 14th state championship in a row. However, school closures haven’t slowed down the team as they continue to prepare for the virtual state tournament in early May. Online qualifiers for the National Speech and Debate Association’s national competition were held April 5th — congratulations to Sugeeth Sathish, Augustus Liu, Tanmayi Golkonda, Maggie Di Sanza, Emma Mayhew, and Anika Sanyal for qualifying to compete in the national tournament June 14th!



By Aarushi Vyas

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