Stats and Facts Update as of 5/5/2020

Cases across world: 3,713,088


Cases in US: 1,232,604

Deaths in US: 72,022


Cases in Dane County: 444

Deaths in Dane County: 22


Live updates/data found on worldometer

Graph of Dane County Cases: Dane County Dashboard

Click here for the Dane County Dashboard


My projected model for coronavirus cases:


Where y is number of cumulative cases and x is number of days past 3/9/20 (first data point on the graph)

Case growth rate: About .4047 case/day as of 5/5/20

Projected maximum cases in Dane County: About 418 (417.814) cases

* Disclaimer: I am not a professional statistician so this model may be inaccurate

**these are simply projections, so the data will look odd now that the rate of case growth is going down.


Find WI data and updates here.

Stay healthy and safe Spartans!


By Jessica Jiang

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