Motivation Tips

You’re looking in the wrong way when seeking motivation. You’re wanting to want – it sounds silly, doesn’t it? You already know what you want. And if not, don’t worry. Your first tip is:

  • Write down a list of things you want out of life.

It’s important you actually write this list down, pen and paper. In this way, you’re setting up the conditions. You’re creating the future circumstances which you will later experience. Feeling like a prophet yet? Point by point, you’ll find many desires waiting for you. It can be anything – fleeting tangible good stuff, a change in your current situation, a development in a relationship… The list goes on! You’re on a roll!.. Now let’s forget about motivation. Motivation serves as fuel for your engine. It’s largely an emotional thing, so there’s an endless supply of it.

  • You need to build an engine first. That engine will be called discipline.

It was a video on YouTube of a Navy SEALS Admiral McRaven. I was on a “motivational video” binge. The only one with a useful takeaway, which was: “Make your bed”. Translation – “Set up a practice”. That’s your second tip.

  • Monotonous, dull, boring practice.

Wax on, wax off. Do those karate moves you remember. Schoolwork is also great for this (sorry). Do this even when you’re not hunting for your dreams. This trains you to execute tasks, which you’ll find constantly when pursuing what you want. Which leads me to your last tip:

  • Make a plan (write it down).

You don’t have to execute it yet. You’ll find that you’re gonna see more and more obstacles as you plan further and further. That’s not bad. Just keep in mind that you don’t control everything, and, when planning, remember to control what you can.


Write a list of things you want

Train for The Moment Of Truth

Make a plan to get those things

“I can’t”.

To that I say, “Excuses, excuses, excuses.”

You excuse yourself from a vast plateau of possibility and opportunity. You need a reminder in your head saying “I have control over some aspects of my life.”

“Self-control? Not me!”

To that I say – “Why not start there?”

Write it down on your list. You know you want to.

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