Celebrity Responses to COVID-19

With this global pandemic affecting rich and poor alike, many have been waiting and watching celebrities react to the situation. There have been some whose responses can be seen as controversial, but there are also some which can be seen as inspiring. Most celebrities have been helping flatten the curve by donating thousands or even millions of dollars.  Let’s start out with the positive responses. 


  1. Lady Gaga- Lady Gaga herself has helped raise over $35 million dollars with the Global Citizen organization to help pay for protective equipment for healthcare workers. She also performed at the World Health Organization benefit concert on April 18th.
  2. Stephen and Ayesha Curry- Both Stephen and Ayesha Curry established an online fundraiser: “Feeding America.” Its purpose is to help feed children daily meals who rely on schools for food, which are now closed. By April 2nd alone, Feeding America has raised $160,000!
  3. Rihanna- The pop star queen herself donated $5 million dollars through her own foundation: The Clara Lionel Foundation. The foundation donated directly to Direct Relief, Feeding America, the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, and many other organizations helping those in need.
  4. Leonardo Dicaprio- The Titanic movie star himself, already known as an environmentalist, helped launch America’s Food Fund, a charity that helps low income families, the elderly, unemployed people, and children who rely on school for meals. As of April 3rd, this charity has raised $12 million dollars!
  5. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds- Hollywood’s favorite couple were the first to publicly donate towards the fight of COVID-19. In March, they donated $1 million dollars towards food banks in need. They set the path up for all other celebrities to follow, which is exactly why we can’t stop loving them.
  6. Kylie Jenner- The youngest billionaire in the world herself donated $1 million dollars to help buy protective gear for Los Angeles hospital workers. Along with her company and her mother, Kris Jenner, she pledged use her own resources to help stock hand sanitizer in hospitals.

Unfortunately, with lots of good can come bad too. Here are some celebrity responses that had the world a little shaken and offended lots of people.

  1. Vanessa Hudgens- The former Disney star and voice behind Gabriella from High School Musical seems to share most of our disappointment at suddenly being cut off from the outside world and having to stay at home. However, she vented her frustration by claiming that estimates that the country might be closed until July were ‘bullshit’ and that people dying due to the virus’s spread was sad but ‘inevitable’ on a recent Instagram Live.
  2. Evangeline Lilly- The Marvel star and main character on the ABC Network series Lost went against medical advice in a March 16th Instagram post where she stated that the coronavirus wasn’t worse than a common cold and that her family (including her father, who has cancer and is therefore in a high risk group for infection) would continue its daily routine. After facing widespread public backlash, Lilly apologized for her comments, stating that they were out of touch and dangerous.
  3. David Geffen- American film mogul and co-creator of Dreamworks Films David Geffen is apparently stuck on his $590 million yacht in the Bahamas. The billionaire has made several tone-deaf Instagram posts showing off his more-than-half a billion dollar ship captioned with advice for others to stay safe at home. These posts received such backlash online that Geffen deleted his Instagram account.
  4. Gal Gadot- The Wonder Woman star gained huge internet fame (and notoriety) after she posted a video compilation on March 19th of her and other celebrities singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” in what was supposed to be a message of inspiration to her followers. Instead, the cover came off as patronizing and ignorant of the struggles that the average American is facing right now with a national loss of economic security and job safety.


By Jassi Chahal and Julianna Baldo

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