With the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic rising with every passing day in the United States, Americans are facing greater challenges to fight against the virus. Healthcare workers treating hundreds of COVID-19 patients a day are enduring a lack of medical equipment, such as ventilators and protective gear. This unprecedented and daunting time in world history has left millions of people across the nation on edge of what else is to come. Those in the homeless community are one of the most affected people in the country, as many are struggling to be protected in closed shelters and are unable to receive adequate food supply to feed themselves and their families. 

Spartan Awareness is doing its best to help raise awareness and provide guidance for people who are interested in donating towards the ones who need it the most. If you’re interested in learning more on how to stay safe during quarantine or are fortunate enough to help those in need, join our facebook group “Spartan Awareness 2019-20” and follow our Instagram page “@jmmspartanawareness”. We hope all of you are staying safe with the ones you love and are practicing social distancing!


By Jassi Chahal and Joylyn Gong


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