While many sports have taken big hits with our global pandemic, NASCAR has been able to continue virtually. Drivers have set their homes up with virtual cars, so that they can still, kind of, race. This was all set up thanks to eNASCAR, and the races are being aired every Sunday on your local Fox station or Fox Sports 1. Last year, the winner of the NASCAR iRacing Games won $40,000. Some drivers have applauded NASCAR for their efforts for creating a fun diversion for them during this stressful period for many individuals. NASCAR drivers have been splurging on their Virtual Driving Systems. Driver Denny Hamlin spent $2000 on his system that moves with the shape of the track he is driving on. While NASCAR drivers and fans are staying entertained, the tracks that they typically race on, from Daytona to Bristol, are being used to help fight the Coronavirus. NASCAR has also faced some controversy as driver Kyle Larson used a Racial Epithet when streaming a round of NASCAR on the popular platform of Twitch. NASCAR has suspended Larson indefinitely, and he has lost most sponsors as well.


By Tanay Desai

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