Nevada Primary Elections

Nevada Democratic Caucus:

Bernie Sanders: 46.8% 

Joe Biden: 20.2%

Pete Buttigieg: 14.3%

Elizabeth Warren: 9.7%

Tom Steyer: 4.7%

Amy Klobuchar: 4.2%

Tulsi Gabbard: 0%


In the 2020 Nevada Democratic Primary Elections on February 22nd Bernie Sanders won by a landslide, receiving 46.8% of the votes. He received a lot of support around the Vegas area, unlike in 2016 where Hillary Clinton received the popular vote around this area. Sanders did lots of campaigning that supported the Latino community like spending $3 million on Spanish advertisements so he received major support from the Latino community (53%) while Joe Biden, coming in second with 20.2% of the votes, gained a huge support from the African American community. Sanders also received the majority vote in almost all economic backgrounds, genders, ages and races except the African American community and people above age 65. The voters casted their votes on Ipads using Google Forms since the app by Shadow used in the Iowa Caucuses malfunctioned and created lots of confusion and conflicts. But like the Iowa Caucuses, the results delayed again, leading to many controversies and questions of how the Caucuses are going to run from now on. 

Now, out of these candidates, only Sanders and Biden remain; the rest of the candidates dropped out including Mike Bloomberg who wasn’t even a candidate in the Nevada Primaries because he had not filed in before January 1st. He spent almost $676 million of his own money on advertisements to gain popularity towards his campaign. But despite all of the money he spent, he did not gain too much popularity so he too dropped out of the race. In 2019, Sanders’s campaign was the fastest to have 1 million donors. He is a socialist and a progressive. Some of his political positions are that he believes in climate change as a huge problem, raising the minimum wage, the expansion of Social Security, decrease military spending, not support the funding to Nicaraguan rebels, gun control, abolishing the death penalty, immigration, LGBTQ rights and opening the DACA program again which President Trump abolished. Joe Biden on the other hand is considered a moderate Democrat and mostly a liberal. Some of his political positions are that he believes in climate change, immigration and LGBTQ rights. Although it seems as though their political positions are the same, they are actually extremely different. Like, Sanders believes healthcare should be the same for all but Biden believes there shouldn’t be any universal healthcare insurance program like Medicare. In terms of education, Sanders wants to make public universities and colleges free and remove student-debt but even if Biden wants to also remove student-debt, he does not want to remove student-debt that already exists. Even immigration, a political position that they both believe in, is viewed in very different angles between the two candidates. Sanders believes in decriminalizing unauthorized border crossings whereas Biden believes in giving a temporary moratorium for people who crossed the border illegally and only deporting people who conducted a huge crime. 


Nevada Republican Caucus: 

While the Nevada Democratic Caucus ran pretty smoothly, the Nevada Republican Caucus was cancelled so that President Trump’s re-election would be easier. This decision was actually made last year by the Republican Party. A couple of other states have additionally cancelled their Republican primaries as well. This cancellation shows other Republican candidates the support the Party is giving for President Trump and the slight disadvantage they have.


By Saivarshini Rishi

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