March Madness

March Madness? Or maybe this should be titled “March Sadness”. The country’s beloved college basketball tournament featuring numerous upsets and Cinderella-esque runs to the Final Four will not take place this year. The decision seemed inevitable after every conference canceled their conference tournament. In addition, schools such as Duke and Kansas said that they would not send their team to the NCAA tournament. Economically, this obviously hurts the host cities and the Final Four host city (Atlanta), but public health is far more important. The Dayton Flyers were arguably the most hurt with the cancellation of the NCAA tournament as they were likely going to be one of the four number one seeds in the tournament for the first time in school history. This sort of season for the Flyers does not occur too often. The Kansas Jayhawks were also hurt by the cancellation of the tournament. The projected outright number one seed had a loaded roster, and this year was their best chance to make a deep run in the tournament for the championship. Obviously, many teams were hurt by the cancellation of the tournament, but ultimately the players were hurt the most. Every young basketball player dreams of playing in the tournament and potentially making history in the tournament, but the decision to cancel the tournament was in the best interest of the health of players, staff, and fans. So when the announcement came from the NCAA players everywhere, especially seniors, were not surprised or shocked, but simply disappointed that they would not be able to live out their dreams. The 2021 Final Four is scheduled to take place April 3rd and 5th in Indianapolis, so hopefully next year, NCAA March Madness will return.


By Tanay Desai

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