Do you love your stools? If you do, I know the place for you! Welcome to Stool Comparison Club. At Stool Comparison Club, we compare stools of all sizes, shapes, and colors. We have seen stools, long and hard, short and soft, and many other lengths and textures. You may have seen the typical brown stool, but members of Stool Comparison Club have brought in many unique colored stools ranging from green to yellow and sometimes red. Every morning, members of the stool comparison club come together and talk about their brand new stools. Stools are built overnight, and when people drink water and eat foods high in fiber content, stools are typically much stronger, and more of a brown color. If you collect stools or want to become a stool collector and want your stool to be graded by peer stool connoisseurs come to the stool comparison club, and bring your favorite stools!


By Tanay Desai

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