Obama Rejoins Democratic Candidate Pool


In a stunning turn of events, the former President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama ll has entered into the pool of Democratic candidates for the 2020 Presidential Election in November. His campaign manager, David Plouffe, re-emerged at his side at the recent Democratic Primary Election on March 3rd. Their campaign appears to be solid, formed on the basis that the current administration is not concurrent with the standards we should hold for the United States; and furthermore, that President Trump himself is incompetent and must be removed from office immediately in order to begin reconstructing a functioning and capable White House.

Obama made a number of public appearances across the country in the weeks preceding the primary, drawing on his experience in office and observations of the current national state of affairs to inspire teeming crowds overcome with nostalgia and passion and cement his bid for the Presidential title. There have been whispers of the well-respected lawyer and university administrator Michelle Obama being the first choice for Obama’s Vice President position if he moves past the primaries, but no official announcements have been made on the subject.

When the results of the Democratic Primary were released, analysts and officials were shocked to see that Obama’s numbers were strong from the start, with 435 delegates to compare to Biden’s 407 and Sanders’s 387. He spoke on the subject of his surprising come-up a few days later in Virginia with surprising humility and respect for the other candidates. There has been no official response to his campaign from the current White House administration, but President Trump has made plenty of comments on the state of Obama’s campaign on his Twitter platform, including more accusations about his intentions of the military to increase or construct conflict in the Middle East. Obama’s campaign officials have no comment on the subject.


By Brynn Sailing

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