With the fourth quarter almost underway, a new club at Memorial may have passed under your radar. Mustard Tasting, a club in which members try different types/brands of mustard and learn of its origins, was created by a group of freshman students. Meetings are held every Friday after school in the Hawaii Study Center. I attended the last meeting in order to get a better understanding of exactly what this club is about!

There were samples of many different mustards spread out on tables around the room. I wasn’t too surprised about this, considering the name of the club, but what did shock me was the multitude of students in attendance. At best, I assumed this club would have 10, maybe 20 members. Instead, there were three times this number (almost 60!) students roaming around. I talked to one such member, senior Sati R. Eee, who said she had never felt more welcome by a club. Mustard Tasting is a “welcome space for everyone except mustard haters,” Eee said, and is “open to anyone at JMM.” After my discussion with Sati, I took a seat at the back of the room, where a few members were having a passionate debate over which mustard went best with hot dogs. Next, I wandered over to an area which happened to be a sharp contrast to my previous encounter. The lights here were dim and everyone was silent. They were bent over to look at their phones, and one student, noticing my curiosity, kindly allowed me to look on with her. Her device was lit up by a bright screen displaying an old photo of a man I had never seen before. As it turned out, his name was Jeremiah Colman, and he was the founder of Colman’s Mustard of England and also appointed as a mustard-maker to Queen Victoria. Interesting. All in all, Mustard Tasting is a unique club and I understand why so many students have joined. There’s something here for everyone, and even if you’re not a fan of this yellow condiment, I’m sure there’s someone at this club who could persuade you to change your mind.


By Aarushi Vyas

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