Mulan 2020


This movie was very disappointing as it wasn’t able to capture the true strength that a woman would have when trying to protect their loved ones. Mulan was very spoiled and had everything she could ask for. She was never forced to be someone she wasn’t and never felt pressured to bring honor to her family. When her father was asked to defend their country, she couldn’t care any less. Mulan’s parents begged her to take her father’s place, but she didn’t want to put herself in danger. At some point, she understood that she was selfish and decided to take her father’s place in the army. Even though Mulan ended up helping her father and disguised herself as a man, she wasn’t able to prove herself to the other warriors in the Imperial Army. She was always the damsel in distress that needed to be saved like a typical princess. It was no surprise to the others when they found out that she was a woman. In addition, the amount of music in this movie outnumbered the amount of action scenes shown and made the movie itself very boring.This movie also lacked authenticity and should have included more traditional and cultural costumes. Sadly, this movie didn’t demonstrate high morals to its viewers as the characters in this movie were very selfish and inconsiderate. If this movie showcased a strong, determined, and intelligent woman that wanted to make her family proud, then it would have been an amazing movie.


By Emmie Digon

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