Hurricane To Hit Memorial, School Closure Extended 


Since we haven’t been at school for a while, it’s hard to keep track of things with it. Besides, we all got plenty on our minds, with this COVID-19 taking over, and our own social distancing and keeping occupied during the quarantine. But by now, you should’ve heard about the hurricane about to hit Memorial.

Hurricanes in the midwest are rare enough. But this one has been mapped out directly to hit our school! Thankfully, none of us are in it. Now, you may be wondering, what caused this sudden earthquake in the middle of our country? Well, it’s simple: climate change. 

Because of the changing temperatures of our Earth, and the pollution and the lack of human change, it’s not surprising. Hurricanes form through warm, moist air rising and being replaced by cooler air, which in turn rises and becomes warm air. This used to be a phenomenon only over water, but now, it’s not surprising that climate change can change the air temperature, and water density. 


Climate change is known for having heavy downpours and extreme heat in the Midwest, all of which attributes to the creation of hurricanes over the land. Wisconsin in particular has so many lakes, that hurricanes can easily form with the differences in climate. Hurricane Elida is the hurricane, coming to Wisconsin. Currently, it’s forming over the lakes, and we will be seeing an insane amount of wind and rain shortly. While school might not be back in session for a while, it is doubtful it will be in Memorial itself. What do you think about the arising issues with climate change?


By Mihika Shivakumar

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