Australian Fires Blow to Wisconsin Farms


Just as soon as we celebrated the end of the Australian fires, Wisconsin farms have had a hit. On March 8th, the first Wisconsin farm, just outside of Wausau, was destroyed by local bushfires, ruining acres of crops and injuring dozens of farm animals. The next Monday morning three more farms were struck in Marinette, Green Bay and Oshkosh respectively. It seems as the fires are moving in a southward direction. If this pattern continues, Madison will be the next hit. Governor Tony Evers is discussing the predicament with local and state body governments to develop a strategy for stopping the spread of the fires. 

This issue has even reached national attention as it is the first state in the U.S. to experience such horrendous fires after the Australian fires over the summer. The EPA has conveyed to the public that the cause of these fires came from the excess humidity as many regions in Wisconsin were experiencing a minor drought when the fires started spreading. 

One farmer sadly told a reporter, “[i]f only people had just kept the air clean from greenhouse gases and dangerous toxins, my farm would be here today in one piece.” In just one month, Wisconsin farmers have lost thousands of dollars and hundreds of farm animals have been injured from the fires. The people in Madison are organizing multiple climate strikes to spread the word that global warming is true and that it is the source of these fires.


By Saivarshini Rishi

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