Artist of the Month


Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Type of art: Renaissance art

Q: Which of your artworks are you least proud of?

A: I have created about 30 paintings and I am least proud of “Mona Lisa”. Creating this piece took up a lot of time and effort. However, many people were fascinated by this piece because of the mysterious woman and the story behind the painting. On the contrary, I wished that this painting was admired for its beautiful strokes and vivid colors. 

Q: What color represents your artistic style the most?

A: Yellow represents my artistic style the most because it symbolizes happiness, but also choleric emotions. All of my paintings include many landscapes and to emphasise the nature of my piece, I use the color yellow in both dark and light shades. I think that yellow can be used to represent multiple meanings and that is exactly how I want my paintings to capture everyone’s perspective.

Q: What artist do you look up to and why?

A: I have looked up to Andrea Del Verrochio since I was 15. He was a very popular painter and sculptor and I am very grateful to have learned from him. He trained me in numerous ways to improve my technique when it came to painting and creating pieces mechanically. 

Q: Why did you become an artist?

A: Neither of my parents were artists, but my father believed that I had an artistic mind. I thought that it was normal to see everything scientifically as if every item in a picture had a reason to be placed where it was. I never knew it at the time, but I was very passionate about art and would communicate with others through my creativity. Luckily, my father understood me better than I did and had me apprentice Andrea Del Verrocchio when I was 15. Many fathers wanted their children to be well educated, but my father wanted me to explore my abilities in art.

Q: How do you respond to critics?

A: When I made my paintings public, I knew that I would receive many critiques. My intention of sharing my art with the world was for them to understand my perspective. Whenever I receive comments on how my paintings are not an accurate representation of something, I usually reflect on it and then move on to creating a different painting. I create based on how I see the world, not how others see it. I take their ideas into consideration, but I won’t revolve my paintings around their critiques.


By Emmie Digon

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