Apply to be a S&S Editor 2020-21!

We are looking for Editors to help produce the paper next year, and we would love each and everyone one of you to be apart of it! Please consider applying! We have attached a document that describes each of the Editor positions, look over it and think about which positions you would be interested in!
You can apply using the attached google form! If you are currently an Editor and would like to be one next year, you too will have to fill out an application! Applications will be due on Monday, May 4th, at 11:59 pm!
Per usual, if you have any questions feel free to reach out! 😄

•Editor-in-Chief – oversees all the Sword & Shield
activities (two people, apply individually)
•Arts & Entertainment Editor – in charge of
Artist-of-the-Month, horoscopes, games, reviews, etc.
•Copy Editor – looks over each issue for errors before
going to print
•Opinion Editor – seeks out (and writes) opinion articles
for the newspaper
•Sports Editor – seeks out and writes all sports articles,
manages the “Prep Profiles”
•Student Life Editor – should have a good grasp on
what is happening at Memorial High School, seeks out
articles that the student body would have interest in.
•News Editor – seeks out and writes about news happening on the local as well as national and international levels
•Layout Editor – has a good understanding of Adobe
•Operations Editor & Web Master – website and social media management, advertisement


Categories: Special, Student News

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