Youth Art Month

March is Youth Art Month! Its purpose is to promote art and art education in the United States. As a musician, I feel that art from young artists doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Art helps express who I am. Without art, I don’t know who I’d be. There are plenty of other people who feel the same as I do. Many of the famous artists that we know, Picasso and Van Gogh for instance, wouldn’t be who they were without art.

At a young age of 7, I started piano lessons in hopes of becoming a percussionist in the future.To get into percussion at my school, you either had to have piano experience or drum experience. I took piano for three years and chose percussion as my instrument in middle school. Today, I’m a percussionist in our high school’s Concert Band 1. I have also picked up many instruments along the way such as ukulele and guitar. 

After I had gotten into percussion, I decided that I didn’t need to do piano lessons anymore and wanted to switch to guitar. Honestly, this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I liked piano, but I love guitar. In guitar lessons, I learned things that I still use in the process of creating my own pieces. I’ve been taking guitar for almost three years now. 

 There’s one artist in particular that inspired me to become who I am. When I was looking at options of how to put my music out into the world, I came across a musician who was in a similar stage. She’s 12, still pretty young. Shortly after this, she finally got her songs onto Spotify. I thought, “Well if she can do that, so can I.”

We should continue to inspire young artists and encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing and to keep art in their lives. I also suggest taking some of the art classes or music classes Memorial offers! It’s never too late to learn something new.


By Mia Braico

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