Urinetown Musical: Recap

 As many of you have heard or seen, Urinetown: the Musical has hit our very own auditorium! The winter musical at JMM has continued to live up to the high expectations that we have for our Drama Department, and the talent that was seen in this show is nothing short of spectacular. In addition to the tireless hours put in by the cast during rehearsals, the crew has been equally as busy behind the scenes, helping the show come to life. 

Brodde Peterson (junior) made an outstanding performance as young Bobby Strong, the charismatic and impassioned boy who formed a revolution to give everyone the right to go to the bathroom. Libby Pleva (sophomore) made a similarly exceptional impression as Hope Cladwell, the daughter of a corrupt capitalist who broke away from societal expectations and helped lead the revolution. The storyline follows that of Bobby Strong, his mother Josephine Strong, Lil Sally, and the rest of the less fortunate citizens of the town who are sick of conforming to the horrific extortionate conditions. Their continuous fight for freedom against Caldwell B. Cladwell, his assistant Penelope Pennywise, and his brutish enforcers Lockstock and Barrel comprise the overall plot of the show, but don’t be fooled- there are many surprises that will be sure to rock your socks! 

The Drama Department at JMM has spent countless hours pouring themselves into this show- with a fantastic set, thoroughly inventive costumes and makeup, and the hard work that goes into making sound and lighting unmistakably brilliant- this is a show that demonstrates the amount of passion and hard work that truly sets DDAF apart. The incorporation of a superstructure- the first real construction above the stage our school has had in at least four years- has given the diligent and industrious members of stage crew and set construction a fresh new challenge to raise the show just that much higher. 

Opening night for the show was Friday, February 7th @7:30 at the Buchhauser  Auditorium, and the following shows were the day after and the Friday and Saturday the following week. The cast and crew were both eager to unveil the project to the public, and the first two shows on opening weekend both went splendidly! Turnout did increase by the time the third show rolled around, and the last two shows on February 14th and 15th were also outstanding. The cast and crew are all extremely grateful for your support and love for their craft!


By Brynn Sailing

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