The State of the Bathrooms

We need bathroom renovations immediately. We go to school 7 hours and 22 minutes a day- about a third of the day. Students usually go to the bathroom 1-4 times in the school day. You may begin to realize that the bathrooms in our school are used at least once a day by Memorial’s population. However, many students avoid the bathrooms at school and choose to hold it the whole day due to the state of disrepair that the restrooms are in right now. I, along with the rest of the student body, are tired of the disgusting, dysfunctional restrooms that this school offers. I am calling upon the district and the school to release a plan to renovate the restrooms at this school. If the school in conjunction with the district continues to disregard the health of the student body, they are indirectly making the learning environment -which Memorial is supposed to be- worse. 

While writing this article I looked for any reference of bathroom maintenance in the proposed budget for next year. The only money allocated to restroom renovations at Memorial was for the Mansfield bathrooms and team rooms. They are putting aside $200,000 for this renovation as well as devoting $1 million to cabinet replacements throughout the district. I am quite certain that the bathrooms are used more than the cabinets in all the schools in our district. I am also confident that the bathrooms inside of the school are used at least 10 times as much as the bathrooms and accompanying team rooms in Mansfield. 

I find it completely illogical to renovate funcional facilities instead of overhauling the bathrooms which receive 90% of the use. Students who are distracted by their bowels won’t be as focused in class and therefore will not learn as much as their peers that aren’t distracted by their urge to go. Bathroom improvements are necessary to maintain a functional learning environment at Memorial. 


By Davis Hardy

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