Thavida Johnston’s GOGH-ing to Nationals! Artist of March

Artist: Thavida Johnston, sophomore

Q: So I noticed that one of your digital art pieces won a Gold Key at the Scholastic Art Awards. What does this mean? 

A: It is a national competition and the Gold Key basically means that I qualified to be judged nationally. I’ve done the Scholastic Art Awards for 2 years. Some other art contests I’ve done are Doodle for Google and a contest hosted by the Clean Lakes Alliance.

Q: Was there a specific inspiration for this? 

A: There’s this music video that had a similar vibe to it; it was What by Dreamcatcher. There was a part with a spooky hallway with purple lights and I liked it.

Q: What type of art do you make, and which is your favorite? 

A: I typically use a lot of styles, sometimes more realistic, sometimes more like anime or manga or cartoons. Lately, I’ve been blending them a lot. I don’t really have a preference. It depends on what I want to do for a particular piece. 

Q: Why do you create art? 

A: Generally, it is because I enjoy it, as the actual act of making things and seeing them come out well is satisfying. And I’m often inspired by music or books or the world around me. There’s a lot of manga artists that I’ve really liked and I’ve sort of picked up on their styles. I like Sui Ishida who made Tokyo Ghoul and Takeshi Obata who illustrated Death Note. I’ve learned a lot about how to draw people. 

Q: Do you plan on pursuing art as a career? 

A:  I hope I can be a comic artist for a big company. Someplace like Marvel! 

Q: Any advice for anyone starting art? 

A: If you’re interested and you want to get better, I’d say just go for it, even if you’re starting from just being able to do a stick figure. You can always get better if you work hard enough. 


By Amy Yao

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