Comeback Caps Chiefs’ Historic Super Bowl Run

The Kansas City Chiefs won the 54th Super Bowl on February 2, defeating the San Francisco Giants by a score of 31 to 20. The victory declared Kansas City as champions of the National Football League (NFL) for the first time in half a century. Coach Andy Reid kept his team in the game for most of the game, but the Chiefs went down big late in the fourth quarter. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City defense once again went on a miracle surge to capture the lead, an advantage they would keep for the rest of the game. For the Chiefs, the Super Bowl run was a journey for the ages. Quarterback sensation Patrick Mahomes led the team to multiple miraculous comeback wins late in games throughout the playoffs. En route to winning the Super Bowl, Mahomes won the honors of Super Bowl MVP, a historic award that encapsulates the magical run.

The divisive championship game was highly anticipated by millions. The San Francisco defense quickly stopped the Chiefs’ offense on the game’s opening drive. Led by quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and a successful running game, the 49ers took charge on a drive that resulted in a field goal. The Chiefs, though not impressive, managed to muster 10 points to bounce back and take a 10-3 lead. The 49ers, however, showed off their ferocious defense and powerful offense, putting together a series of methodical drives on offense and forcing the Kansas City offense off the field. For most of the games, Patrick Mahomes appeared rattled, throwing an uncharacteristic two interceptions and completing a relatively low percentage of his passes. In turn, San Francisco controlled the game through the first three quarters.

The fourth quarter proved to be one of the most iconic series of football ever played. Down 20-10 with seven minutes left in the final quarter of play, Mahomes returned to the all-around superstar viewers are used to watching. After converting on a 3rd-and-15 deep in his own territory, Mahomes completed a 44-yard pass to star receiver Tyreek Hill. The drive would eventually end in a touchdown pass to tight end Travis Kelce. With the deficit trimmed to just three points, the shaky Kansas City defense made a crucial stand against the 49ers, forcing a three-and-out that would give the ball back to Mahomes and the red-hot Kansas City offense. Though San Francisco tried throwing a series of disguised blitzes at Mahomes to pressure the young quarterback, the phenom eluded defenders in the backfield and continued to consistently hit his primary receivers. The drive was capped off by a 5-yard touchdown pass to running back Damien Williams. On the sport’s biggest stage, Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to a comeback Super Bowl victory that will forever be enjoyed by fans not only of the Chiefs, but of football. The Kansas City defense continued to thrive, and the Chiefs sealed the victory with a late score. At the end of regulation, the Chiefs sat alone as Super Bowl champions, marking the first title for head coach Andy Reid, an honor that seemed to elude him for nearly twenty years. For Kansas City, the victory marked both an incredible Kansas City season and a historic Patrick Mahomes campaign that seems to be just beginning.


By Sanjay Palta-Hill

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