China is Improperly Handling the Coronavirus

As the new coronavirus has been raging rampant in China, questions have arisen over whether the handling of this disease is proper. Chinese President Xi Jinping went onstage at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in late January and preached how well he had done of steering China through another year. As he spoke, the city of Wuhan, home to 11 million people was being locked down, and over 800 people had already died from the new coronavirus outbreak. President Xi has been shockingly absent throughout the crisis and placed the country’s second in command, Li Keqiang, in charge of a leadership group that is handling the crisis. This move effectively took Mr. Xi out of the equation and made Mr. Li the public face at the head of the epidemic. Another questionable move by Mr. Xi is his blatant refusal to acknowledge the problem. The media put out by the government treats the outbreak as if it is nothing to be too concerned about, but in reality, they are putting people in warehouses made into industrial hospitals with thousands of beds because there are so many patients.

The start of the mismanagement goes all the way to the first few cases of new coronavirus that were reported. When the first connection was made to the Wuhan market where the outbreak originated, the first thing the government did was cleanse the market. Everything was sterilized, and all before the government could get in and get samples to test for a positive definitive cause. With no samples there is virtually no hope of finding a direct cause of this outbreak and so it will be much harder to find how to stop the spread at its source. 

The Chinese government is unwilling to tell its citizens unpleasant news, and this then keeps them in the dark and prevents them from taking necessary steps to protect their health. This also led to urgent cleanout of the market where the new coronavirus originated, which stopped the possibility of finding and treating the source of the disease. China’s government is ill equipped to handle a disease of this magnitude, and they are unwilling to try and change their ways for fear of assuming weak.


By Eliana Sauer

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