Birds of Prey Review

Whether or not you’re a DC fan, you need to see Birds of Prey. Ever since the reveal, this movie has had very high expectations. DC promised a lot, and they definitely delivered. As promised, this movie has a lot of female-empowerment. You can clearly see the result of a female director, Cathy Yan, in how Birds of Prey portrays all of their female characters. They are just as, if not more, capable in a fight as men, aren’t sexualized, and don’t need (or want) a romantic relationship. This lack of romance is another point of this movie that makes it infinitely better. None of the characters get into any romantic relationship, instead focusing on how love isn’t a necessity of life. And, for the few past relationships that the audience is introduced to, Birds of Prey is very inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community. Finally, this movie has some of the best fight scenes that I have ever witnessed. They are filled with spectacular yet realistic moves, all of which are clearly thought out and work perfectly in the situation. For the fights with multiple protagonists, there is also an amazing element of teamwork to the fighting. The characters work seamlessly together, covering each other with ease. All of the fights in this movie get your blood pumping and fill you with adrenaline. If you want to see this movie, there are a few small things that you should be aware of. There is a lot of swearing, so I do not recommend seeing it if that makes you uncomfortable. Also, there are some graphic scenes. It isn’t enough to constitute being called gory, but it is something that should be made aware of sensitive viewers. Overall, Birds of Prey is a must-watch, and if you have even the slightest interest in it, then you should definitely check it out. 


By Grace Runo

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