Afghanistan Plane Crash

On January 27th, a U.S. Air Force jet crashed in Taliban-held territory in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province, south of the nation’s capital. Although it is unclear how many people were on board the plane, an Afghan official has reported that two pilots were found dead in the wreckage.

The crashed jet was identified by David Martin, a national security correspondent of CBS News, as an Air Force E-11. The official stated that the cause of the crash was still being investigated, and that Martin would not discuss the fate of the crew.

The Taliban claimed that it had downed the plane soon after images surfaced suggesting it was a U.S. Aircraft, but the insurgent group has previously attempted to take credit for events they were not responsible for.

No other jets, military or civilian, have crashed. As confirmed by Ariana Afghan Airlines, all flights in the country are operating normally.


By Elliott Weix

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