12 Things To Do Over Spring Break

Spring break is finally arriving soon! From March 30 to April 3, we will all be able to relish in a week off from school. There are plenty of productive and enjoyable activities you can do to spice up your spring break. Here are 12 suggestions if you are searching for ideas:

Take a Road Trip

Spring break is an excellent time to spend time with your family, and what better way to have quality time with your loved ones than being stuck in a car for hours on end? Plan a nice road trip somewhere nearby (or where time allows) where you can kick back, do some touring, and just unwind!

Go on a college visit

If you are going into junior or senior year next year, it might be helpful for you to consider taking a college tour over spring break. This will help you as you consider possible universities you would like to attend and to assess the curriculum, accessibility, and cost of each one. It will also get you thinking about the application process and how you might want to approach them. Consider doing some local tours if you can!

Catch up on sleep

Now that you have some more free time without school, treat yourself to sleeping in late. As a busy high schooler and teenager, you need to get as much as you can, preferably at least 8 hours! Just make sure that you are prepared to wake up early again once you get back to school.

Get a head start on homework

Since you have free time, if there are any assignments that you would like to do over break so that easing into school is easier, go for it! This could be looking ahead in your textbooks, taking notes, or just completing something your teacher has given you beforehand. It’s always great to be prepared!


Catch up on homework

On the contrary, if you have unfinished assignments, make sure to catch up on those! That way you don’t have to worry about that when you get back, and you won’t be troubled with that as school begins again. 

Study for AP Exams 

With AP exams coming up in May, make sure to prepare early so you’re not left cramming a few days before! Start laying out a schedule for studying during spring break to get a head start. This is a great opportunity to start working with a slow progression to relieve some of the stress that may come later. 

Read a book

Kick back and relax with a nice book (that isn’t required reading or a textbook!). Not only will this help with your reading skills, but it’s a great way to step outside the business of normal life and into a new world!

Plant a garden

If the weather allows, plant some flowers to brighten up your house! You might even consider starting your own mini veggie garden. Indoor plants are also great to decorate your home and to give that spring feeling!

Take a walk

Enjoy the (hopefully) warmer weather and go for a walk around the neighborhood or at a nearby park. You can go alone or with friends and family. Either way, take time to get some fresh air!

Catch up with friends

The long school days leave little time for proper social connection, so gather your friends to do something fun! Find an activity you can all enjoy to take advantage of all your free time.

Go shopping

Seasons change, and so do you and your wardrobe! If you have the time (and the patience) to go looking for outfits, make sure to grab items that show your unique personality and what you want to express.

Get a Part-Time Job

A good way to start saving some money for the summer is to get a part-time job during spring break. This also can give you experience for possible long term jobs you may consider over summer or during the school year.


By Jessica Jiang

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