Valentine’s Day is Overrated! 

I’m just going to put it right out there, Valentine’s Day is total BS. Other than the fact that it’s based on capitalist ideals and only really became popular due to the wonders of the Hallmark company, there’s not much other than chocolate (which is overpriced until after the holiday anyways) that makes it worth celebrating. Sure, love is important to have in your life, but this holiday causes more tension than it does a celebration between two significant others. There has been a trending rise in breakups on Valentine’s day and this is clearly because all Valentine’s day is good for is high expectations and stress once you look past all the pink and red hearts and cutesy gifts. On top of that, popular rom-coms only support these impossibly high expectations and actions. With their grand gestures, awe-inspiring gifts, and perfect happy endings, people are expected to replicate this fiction into reality and all this does is make the holiday even worse. 

With that, this over-exaggerated idea for the ideal Valentine’s Day turns into a weird competition where your best is only good enough if its better than everyone else’s gestures. No one wants less than what the other person gets on this holiday. Also, this is hard to accomplish because the price of “love” is pretty dang expensive. I mean, any well-meaning person can barely afford a good gift in comparison to Kanye’s house of roses and morning wake up of a quartet for Kim, a tiny teddy bear and some chocolates, maybe some roses could be a typical gift which isn’t even close to worth it with the steep prices. Instead of helping us celebrate, this holiday just sucks us dry so we can inevitably disappoint whoever we try to give gifts to. 

Finally, this holiday sucks because, with all this lovey-dovey air around, self-love isn’t exactly promoted. To celebrate you’re supposed to have a partner to be celebrating with, you can’t enjoy the love of family or friendships as a filler, it’s about significant others and that type of love alone. This leads to any kind of publicity of the holiday and other’s relationships to be awkward for most since the singles seem to be greatly outweighing the couples at this point. 

So yeah, go ahead and celebrate this capitalist fueled, stressful, impossible-to-please holiday in exchange for your savings and dignity.


By Caleigh Christy

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