Valentine’s Day is Important

St Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday to celebrate romantic love, friendship, and admiration. It is also the only day in the entire 365 days of the year where it’s acceptable to openly show affection to another person. Yes, it can be stressful to find a way to enjoy this wonderful holiday whether you’re in a relationship or not. And it can be annoying when you’re surrounded by couples being overly loud about their relationship status. However, think about the discount chocolate that comes after! If that doesn’t convince you then the thought of buying candy, flowers, and gifts that contribute to our great capitalist society should help put your mind at ease. Learning about the fascinating history of St. Valentine’s Day also has merit; you can research it by using a search engine or your local library. In reality, Valentine’s Day has been very much grossly commercialized and that portrays a negative image to all those who are single or never had much luck in the “love department”. Having a day or special time to express love is important for certain couples but every couple is different. As long as the couple is on the same page and has the same expectations then that’s all that matters. Everyone should do whatever fits their relationship dynamic the best. Valentine’s Day stands as a reminder to tell people that they are loved. So remember to tell someone you love them on Valentine’s Day, it’ll make you and them feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. 


By Jace Liu 

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