Urinetown…The Musical!

Memorial Theatre Company is back at it again with another spectacular musical production! MTC will be presenting Urinetown: The Musical at 7:30 pm on February 7th, 8th, 14th, and 15th in the auditorium. This musical transports the audience members to a dystopian society narrated by Officer Lockstock, where water is so scarce, people have to pay to use the bathroom. If they can’t pay, they are sent by Lockstock himself to a mysterious place called “Urinetown.” The common people are oppressed by Lockstock’s employer, Urine Good Company, a monopolizing and corrupt organization that does all it can to keep the wealthy and the poor in their respective places…even at the cost of human life. However, this oppression pushes Public Amenity #9 to a boiling point, causing a full on revolt led by a bright eyed young man named Bobby Strong. Filled with an enormous amount of satire, humour, and pure fun, this musical is not one to miss. Purchase your tickets at the cafeteria during the week before the performances, or purchase them online (website can be found when posters are released). 


By Emmelyn Cullen

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