Think Before You Drink

The alcohol epidemic is a major issue for teens. Believe it or not, this school is also affected by this issue. Some teens are exposed to alcohol and the concept of drinking starting as young as middle school. According to the JMM Data that was collected, 13% of 9th graders (now the graduating class of 2022, as the test was taken last year) have had a drink one or less times a month. While this is a low statistic, all data should be taken with a grain of salt because what 9th or 10th grader is going to admit that they drink to a school (despite the test being anonymous). It is safe to assume that these numbers are higher. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism please let them know that it can become better and there are many ways to get help that doesn’t consist of AA meetings. For example, Connections Counseling is a certified outpatient drug/alcohol and mental health clinic. They are focused on creating a safe and supportive environment. This program gives members a sense of progression with the chance to become a mentor. If you are currently in health class or have taken it you might recognize this name. They have given talks to health students putting out a helping hand. Their success is proven and many of their admittance have touching stories that give you the impression that they are really there to help.


By Avanish Kapur

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