Star Wars

The long-awaited finale to the final act of the Skywalker Saga has finally come in the third installment of the sequel trilogy. Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewbacca, and many other beloved characters join together one last time to take down the dark side of the force, this time manifesting itself as the returning Emperor Palpatine. Does hope still exist throughout the galaxy? Can the resistance save the galaxy from evil forces that seek to destroy all that is good? And what is going on with Rey and Kylo? Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker holds the familiar magic of past films and fills us with a sense of nostalgia with familiar locations and new excitement with continued character relationships. 

Looking past epic action scenes, some beautiful cinematography, witty humor, and adorable new side characters (how can you not love Babu Frik?), some loose ends were never answered as the credits rolled and the movie theater lights came up. While this movie gave a lot to the fans, it also failed to meet some of their expectations. Although it can be seen as an emotional triumph for many fans of the series, the final installment left out a lot of logic and explanation for the how and the why of the movie’s comings and goings. 

Now, it is a much better addition to the series than The Last Jedi (sorry lovers of this film), but it still had its problems and negative aspects. The movie sometimes feels rushed, like it’s packing in more than it can handle, it mostly succeeds, although at times the plot does strain under the weight of its responsibilities. Things we yearned to learn never came and that took away a lot from the film, along with the fact that at times it felt like more of a service to the fans and damage control for The Last Jedi. Nonetheless, it completes part of our film history and lets us see some of our favorite characters complete their stories, along with the galaxy coming to peace, at least for the time being.


By Caleigh Christy

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