Self Defense Tips

In 2018, the US had over 1.2 million cases of violent crime. Crime is a significant issue in a lot of places, and although you don’t see it very often, it is something for which people should prepare. Ideally, there would be some surefire way to stop an attacker, but that’s not the case. The best I can do is tell you a few simple tips that should help prevent attacks in your daily life. 


While Walking:

The easiest way to guard against perpetrators choosing you is to be with someone else, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Stay in well-lit areas like sidewalks, the more populated, the better. On top of that, walk on the curb and facing traffic. This may seem obvious, but it is also crucial to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Even an extra second to react can make a huge difference. 


While Driving:

Keep your gas tank filled up at least halfway at all times. Try to park in well-lit areas and always lock the doors, both when you’re driving and outside of your vehicle. When approaching your car after getting done with whatever you were doing, have your key out and check all of the seats and the floor before getting in.  


While at Home:

This may seem obvious, but always keep your doors and windows locked. Lock doors and windows when you open and close them, and if there are some which you don’t use very often, then check the locks regularly. According to ‘Reduce the Risk of Becoming a Sexual Assault Victim’ by the University of North Carolina, if you get home and see any sign of unauthorized entry, don’t go in; call the police and wait for them to arrive. Finally, make sure to check any sales/service person’s identification before you allow them into your home. 


Sometimes, nothing works. In these situations run, scream, hide, do whatever you can to attract attention and get away from the location. You might not even get away, and you’ll have to fight the attacker – all you are trying to do is create an opportunity to run. When fighting, there are two key spots which work best when struck at. First is a palm heel strike to the nose. No matter how much someone works out, you can’t exactly get your nose to be stronger. When hit there, the attacker will likely clutch their face, giving you time to run. To do this move, you need to take your hand and jut the bottom of your palm (where the bone is), hitting their nose with all of your might. The other spot you should hit is fairly obvious. A kick to the groin. There’s a lot more that can help you when fighting an opponent, and I encourage you to research tips or check out a martial arts studio to learn more.


By Grace Runo 

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