Raise Your Voice Club

Raise Your Voice is a club centered around activism for mental health awareness. Club members lead and organize projects, fundraisers, and activities toward this goal.

Members of the club have said that their favorite parts of the club are the student leadership and the freedom that comes with it. By allowing the students to create their own projects, and then having them organize and lead these projects, the club builds teamwork and leadership skills. 

The club also has an impact on the community of JMM. The post-it note project, along with the inspirational posters in the school bathrooms, were completed by Raise Your Voice members. 

In the past, Raise Your Voice has worked with community members to organize presentations, send students to speak with state legislation, and bring in therapy dogs during final exams. 

Every member is encouraged to take leadership of a different project, sometimes working in teams to organize events and fundraisers. The club presents a friendly community that welcomes all.

The club is always looking for more members, so feel free to walk in – if you’re interested, of course. We meet every other Tuesday, in Room 500.


By Elliott Weix

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