Peloton Commercial 

The Peloton has it all! A masterful indoor cycling bike, with carbon steel and a weighted flywheel that gives you the perfect amount of resistance. And cycle along with an instructor to help you get optimal workouts in! What more could you want, except for, maybe, a better marketing and advertising team? The most recent addition to the Peloton Bike’s commercial line up sparked major controversy over its main character. 

A man gives his wife a Peloton as a gift and she is super excited! She already has a look that gives off a vibe she has already been working out a ton, but her reaction insinuates that this is her first-time working out. The woman in the commercial is already a very slender, good-looking, clearly well-over person. Not someone most people can relate to. It is clearly a very expensive exercise tool and meant only for a select group of people. By trying to inspire people to work out, watching someone who already has a fit body not change over the course of a supposed year only keeps people away from your product. It feels uncomfortable and disappointing if you don’t look like the lady who the commercial is based around. Also, she has a kid! She was pregnant at one point, doesn’t do much intense working out, and already has this near-perfect body?? Something doesn’t add up here and it’s made a lot of people very angry and upset. How do I know if your product works or that it would work for me if your commercial doesn’t try to connect with anyone, but this already put together person? 

Also, this bike isn’t exactly a cheap purchase as mentioned before, and yet all the woman gives back is a poorly made vlog made with switching camera angles to her very generous husband. Other than deterring the majority of the population away from their product, the company also taught us a lesson about the people purchasing it. 

All in all this commercial was a complete flop and only made potential buyers want to avoid it.


By Caleigh Christy

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