Interview with Coach Hutchins 

Do you think teen vaping is a problem in our school?

H: “Oh for sure.”

T: “Why?”

H: “Because of the way the bathrooms smell.”

T: “How do they smell?”

H: “Like cleaning solution which is what the vaping powder smells like.”

T: “Maybe they’re just really clean”

H: “Dirty highschool boys? No.”


Do you believe vaping is healthier than smoking cigarettes?

H: “No.”

T: “Why not?”

H: “Because there’s plenty of data that shows it, right, how millions of people smoke, do they all get cancer and die?”

T: “So you think cigarettes are healthier than e-cigarettes?”

H: “No, they’re not healthier, any of them.”


Can you tell when kids/students are going to vape, and what are some key giveaways?

H: “I can’t tell when my students are going to do it, but I can tell when other students in the school are going to do it.”

T: “How, what are some key giveaways.”

H: “All of a sudden five dudes meet up in the same spot and walk in and then they walk out when I walk in.”

T: “Maybe they just want to have a talk in the bathroom that’s really personal, then you walk in so they’re like, ‘well now we can’t have that talk anymore. Ever think about that?”

H: “No, cause that’s not happening.”


Do you think peer pressure is a factor in the vaping problem?

H: “Of course.”

T: “Why?”

H: “‘’Hey Johnny, try this vape.’ ‘No I don’t want to.’ ‘Well you’re a wuss.’ ‘Ok then I will.’”

T: “No ones gonna call someone a wuss.”

H: “I can’t swear on tape.”

T: “Yes you can”

H: “Or in front of a thirteen year old.”

T: “Thirteen year old-? Just do it.”

H: “Do what?”

T: “No ones going to call anybody a wuss.”

H: “A wuss.”

T: “Oh my god-. Okay that’s all.”

H: “That was IT?!”


By Cheme Gagyapontsang

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