Gender Equity Association January Recap

January was an incredible month for the JMM Gender Equity Association! We focused specifically on women and gender expansive people’s involvement in politics; from Madison politicians and candidates, to those on the national stage. We conversed a great deal about the Democratic Primary, and which candidates people feel the most strongly about and interested in. We also discussed the issue of gender in the primaries, and how there are now only two prominent figures in the Democratic race who are women. Because we had been studying politics, we took a trip down to the capitol on January 30th, and met with Representative Lisa Subeck, Melissa Sargent, and Sheila Stubbs. We conversed about what it was like being a woman in Wisconsin politics, and how young people can become more involved in political activism. We then stopped by the Wisconsin League of Women Voters headquarters and took a tour of their facilities; we learned all about their activism and how to register people to vote! Finally, we stopped by the Social Justice Center of Downtown Madison to learn more about how their engagement with young people in the Madison community, and how we can network to create a more inclusive educational spaces. 


In January, we were also able to discuss future projects, like Human Rights Week, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Menstrual Equity Month! Keep an eye out for future announcements! 


In February, we are going to be focusing more on the intersectionality of feminism, and discovering what we can do to use our privilege to seek justice for others. We will be holding a clothing drive, sponsoring a holiday for the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services, and promoting environmental feminism. 
If you are interested in joining the Gender Equity Association, come to our meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 804 during lunch; or, reach out to the Co-Presidents Maggie Di Sanza (, Melanie Golden (, or the club email ( We can’t wait to see you at all of our future events!


By Maggie Di Sanza

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