Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Take your significant other, friend(s), or yourself out on a date. Y’all deserve some quality recharge time. 

Nap – A nap date. That’s it. As a high school student, you probably need this.  

Walking & Talking – There’s something therapeutic about going on a stroll outside and talking, whether the topics be serious or not. However, I don’t think our weather is appropriate for this unless you don’t mind the cold.  

Bob Ross – Watch Bob Ross and paint together or just watch Bob Ross. Who could ask for anything more wholesome?

Cooking – There’s a surprising amount of joy that comes from trying new recipes and food. I would suggest a picnic but our current weather conditions don’t fit that idea. 

Netflix/Movies – Most cliche and arguably one of the easiest to do.

Record/Book/Thrift Shopping – Buy some books, music, or items for the person(s) you’re out with or for yourself.

Museum/Art Gallery – Looking at beautiful things with a beautiful person or being that beautiful person.

Arcade/Bowling – Bonding over games, need I say more?

(Double) Dinner DateIf you and your partner have been dating a long time, a double date is a fun way to switch up your time together. Or just going on a normal dinner date is fun, yet cliche. 

Road Trip – This is more pricey depending on the destination and a lot could go wrong; however, if executed right this could be the “coming-of-age” moment for you.


By Jace Liu 

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