Boris Johnson is Bad News for the UK

The New Year has brought the election of a new Prime Minister to the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson officially succeeded Theresa May after she resigned amid Brexit disagreements. The appointing of Johnson brings the Conservative Party to power in the UK once again and could have some detrimental consequences.

First off, Boris Johnson is a strong advocate against the NHS (National Health Service) as it is. Britain is provided with lifetime taxpayer funded healthcare with the NHS, so it means that it is a large expense for the people, but in return they get free healthcare when necessary, regardless of preexisting conditions. Johnson has spoken out many times about trying to make the public pay less, which sounds great, but will reduce the already overworked NHS doctors to even tougher conditions. In the 2017 book “This Is Going to Hurt” by Adam Kay, readers are given a look into the everyday life of a junior doctor for the NHS. Dr. Kay tells of how doctors work tireless hours, and don’t get paid even close to what American doctors do. The average doctor in the UK makes $40-50,000 less than American doctors for working in far more understaffed hospitals. Boris Johnson wants to fund this system even less, pushing Britain closer and closer to the private medical system that we have in the US that could drastically harm much of the UK population. 

Another thing Johnson has said regarding his plans with the NHS is he has made hints of selling data gathered in NHS hospitals to United States based pharmaceutical companies. The NHS is the largest bank of patient data in the world, with data from birth until death on the majority of the UK population. This data is very valuable for pharmaceutical companies, and selling it could lead to more money for the UK government, but also gives way to many privacy issues, and the risk of information links. All of these negatives are things Boris refuses to acknowledge, which is a common trend in his political strategy. Focus on good, ignore the bad. Knife crime is at an all time high in the UK (BBC), and there are talks happening everywhere about rising racism in the media and in everyday life, but Johnson has not even referenced these things once. He is the Prime Minister of the people like him, but definitely not everyone.

Boris Johnson also famously endorses Brexit, claiming that the country will leave the European Union on January 31, regardless of what deal they have arranged. Statements like this show that Johnson really is all for himself and his agenda. He doesn’t care that the majority of the country doesn’t want to leave the EU, or that he has little to no plans for what happens when they do. He is a classic example of someone who isn’t properly equipped to lead a country, he just thinks he is. 

Boris Johnson will make some strict, sudden decisions for the UK in his time as Prime Minister that will benefit him and people like him, but will drastically hurt parts of the population. It’s just a matter of how the public will respond to these changes and continue to fight back. All that is for certain is that he will leave the UK a very different place than he found it, and chances are he will not be leaving it more stable.  If Boris Johnson accomplishes what he wants, by the time his time as PM is over, the UK will be separate from the EU, all its citizens will have crumbling universal healthcare, and all of their sensitive data will have been sold to pharmaceutical companies in America.


By Eliana Sauer

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