209,000 WI Residents’ Voting Status in Question: Why? They Moved.

They can vote, they can’t, they can, they may not again. 


In December 2019, Judge Paul Malloy ordered the removal of 234,000 Wisconsin voters from the 2020 voters roll. After hearing the case put forth by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, a conservative Milwaukee-based group, Malloy decided that this action would possibly help to avoid voting fraud. 

The voters in question may have moved to different addresses in Wisconsin, but had failed to complete a questionnaire about their current place of residence by the October due date. The Wisconsin Elections Commission had planned to continue their work through the 2020 election due to past errors, hoping only to purge voters who had indeed moved.


The number of voters was reduced to 209,0000 after the addresses of 25,000 voters were confirmed. In 2016, Trump only won Wisconsin by 23,000 votes, so the removal of so many voters would possibly impact the outcome of the 2020 election.


The Elections Committee had asked Malloy to hold his order while the case was appealed, but Malloy refused. Instead, he held the Committee in contempt of court since they had not begun to purge voters. 


The next day, a Wisconsin appeals court sided against Malloy putting on hold both the order to purge voters and to hold the Election Committee in contempt of court. There is concern that the original lawsuit was intended to remove specifically Democratic voters, giving Republicans an advantage in the 2020 election. The lawsuit targeted voters in areas that typically vote Democrat, such as Madison and Milwaukee. The legal dispute will likely not come to a conclusion before the 2020 election.


By Amira Pierotti

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