YouTube Rewind 2019 Review


YouTube made headlines last year after its Rewind 2018 got over 16 million dislikes making it YouTube’s most disliked video ever. This year, they tried to redeem themselves stating, “In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.” The first thing I noticed about the Rewind was that it was five and a half minutes long. Historically, their Rewinds have been a few minutes longer. This hinted that the video would either be really amazing or really bad. And the answer became clear to me within the first minute. They addressed last year’s embarrassing Rewind as expected. Then, instead of YouTube creators being in the video, as usual, YouTube decided to make a compilation of the most liked videos on YouTube. Wait a minute. So their idea of showing us what we liked is literally a compilation of what we liked? Yes, exactly. Nothing special, nothing memorable. Just a video of statistics. Many dubbed the compilation as a video WatchMojo would do. WatchMojo creates videos ranking the top 10 “things”, which is what many viewers understandably thought YouTube copied. Overall, the YouTube Rewind 2019 was a major disappointment and just a lazy effort by YouTube to bounce back from their failure last year.


By Evanka Amin


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