Why the Santa Clarita Shooting Is All the More Reason to Increase Gun Control Measures

With the school shooting in Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California being on the news, the controversial topic of gun control has once again come up. Authorities say that the student used an unregistered, untraceable “ghost gun”, which he likely assembled himself from parts he could have ordered online. Modern technology has made this process easier than ever. California has some of the strictest gun policies in the country, yet one-third of all guns confiscated in Southern California currently are ghost guns. 

When ghost guns are used in an assault, it becomes almost impossible to identify where the gun came from, who it was sold to, who made the gun, and why. Their presence makes it easier and easier for people who are underage or have psychological issues to bypass all the security and registration that is involved in the process of obtaining a gun legally, proving that more drastic gun control measures are necessary to ensure that all firearms are used in a safe and legal way. 

We have debated over gun control measures for years, and all the time we waste debating adds to the toll guns are taking on our society. Carrying a firearm requires years of practice and training; according to AP News, there have been 1,422 unintentional shootings by police officers since 2012, thus, it makes no sense to arm teachers. Besides the risk of accidental shootings, many students feel more uncomfortable knowing that a gun is present in the classroom. 

A couple of years ago, the topic of gun control came up in my English class as we were reading Romeo and Juliet. After a long, hard debate from students who wanted guns to be totally banned for civilians, to those from families that prided themselves on hunting and the Second Amendment, the teacher brought up an interesting point of view: if your child was on the playground hitting other children with a stick, would you take the stick from him, or give all the other children sticks as well?


By Amina Waheed

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