Senior Advice Column

What’s the best advice for studying for finals?

Nic: What makes finals difficult is that there’s so much your teacher can test you on. With that being said however, most classes won’t be that specific with their questions, so don’t devote too much energy into studying a very specific topic. Another important thing is to take frequent breaks. This, for me, was easy because I always had a volleyball tournament in Chicago the weekend before, so my “breaks” were spent playing volleyball. The last thing I’d suggest is that you check how well you have to do on certain exams to get the grade you want. Many websites offer this simple calculation. Many teachers will discourage this, saying you should try hard anyway, and you should try hard of course, but spending most of your time on a class you need a 20% on to get an A isn’t the best time investment for you.

Brynn: In my opinion, studying for finals has always been a necessary evil. The most brutal time of the year for high schoolers and college students alike, and the only way to get through it is simply to put your head down, bear the burden, and work through the pain. My go-to method for studying for finals starts with scheduling a period of time for you to sit down with your schoolwork with no distractions – yes, throwing your phone across the room so you don’t see Snapchat notifications is sometimes required! Then I make a list for each final: what’s going to be on the exam, what kind of exam should I prepare for, and gather all the material I have that corresponds. I go through one by one, determining what’s helpful, and make a note sheet full of important information and things I need to remember. Taking it class by class and formulating a review for yourself to prepare for each exam is the more surefire method in my book for nailing your finals this semester!


By Brynn Sailing and Nic Braico 

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