“OK boomer.” This epithet isn’t just about the age and culture difference between generations, it also refers to the constant derision younger generations face at the hands of the baby boomers. Millennials and Gen Z are constantly being ridiculed, portrayed as addicted to their phones, lost in a different world because of the internet, and just plain intolerant of their elders.

“OK boomer” rounds up the whole argument and dismisses it rather neatly, rejecting even the idea of participation in the age battle. The true beauty of the argument is that it treats the baby boomers just like the children they so despise. It points out how the boomer generation misunderstands the millennials and Gen Z so much that their years of condescension and misrepresentation have led to this pointed rejection.

This phrase has provoked a not-inconsiderable amount of backlash from the baby boomers since many of them fail to understand the point of the meme. And that act itself feeds it, since misreading ok boomer is, in fact, the quintessential reason behind ok boomer.

The baby boomer generation isn’t at fault just for this. They’ve also “mortgaged our future” by destroying the environment and hoarding wealth, leaving the younger generations to clean up their mess. Every millennial and Gen Z-er is affected by the consequences of the choices the boomers made, and they’re getting frustrated. Some would say the older generation has brought it upon themselves.


By Elliot Weix 

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