Mueller Investigation Version 2.0

House Democrats are exploring the possibility that President Donald Trump lied in his written answers to Robert S. Mueller’s investigation. This possibility raises the prospect of an additional basis for an article of impeachment. For months, this question has been part of the House Judiciary Committee’s review of potential obstruction in the wake of the Mueller report.

Potentially, evidence hidden in grand jury files could enforce the idea that Trump lied under oath to Mueller, which would then further reinforce the impeachment proceedings.

Rick Gates, the former Trump deputy campaign chairman, testified that Trump and Roger Stone had spoken about some information that could help the campaign mid-2016. Around that same time, Stone was attempting to get details about stolen Democratic documents that WikiLeaks had. However, in his written statements to Mueller, Trump denies discussing WikiLeaks. If he did, in fact, discuss these documents with Stone, then it would mean he had lied to Mueller. 

There could be evidence to support just that, found in the redacted testimony of Paul Manafort in the Mueller Report. The redacted details relate to a sentence, describing Manafort speaking with Trump the first WikiLeaks release, in July 2016. According to Douglas Letter, Manafort’s “situation shows so clearly that there is evidence, very sadly, that the President might have provided untruthful answers and this is a key part of the impeachment inquiry.”


By Elliot Weix 

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